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When is Good Enough, Good Enough?

I watched a Chris Rock special years ago and one of his jokes stayed with me, it goes like this:

“What does a GED stand for? Good Enough Diploma”

Man did I laugh at that one, and you know what? It's true.

Good enough is good enough.

We love to beat ourselves up when things don’t work out or when things aren’t perfect. But seriously, when’s the last time you’ve said that is good enough and everything worked out fine?

All the time, and I’m going to give you a few examples from my life:

Kids lunch - Cheese and crackers → Good enough

Change my sheets - every 2 weeks → Good enough

Car wash - Once a month (maybe) → Good enough

When is good enough not good enough?

How much time do I spend with my wife?

How much effort have I put into my health?

How much do I work on my mind?

Are you like me?

Have you spent countless hours of your life fixating on the small useless things trying to make them perfect and avoided working on the things in your life that will actually make a difference?

If so, here’s one exercise I use that may help you. Sort out all the things in your life that can do with a little “good enough” and the things that you really want to go all-in on.

Limit yourself to 30min a day to the “good enough” tasks, what gets done, gets done. What doesn’t don’t worry about.

Focus the rest of your time and energy on those all-in things for 30 days and tell me if your life isn’t better than before.

Post what worked and what didn’t work. Let’s support each other in this.

And if you feel you need additional help with this DM me, I know I can help.

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