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Pete is an acute listener, has an effortless ability to connect with people and possesses a non-judgmental personality, enabling him to provide practical tools on how to best achieve goals or make personal improvements.  Pete drives straight to the heart of topics, providing both the motivation and accountability needed to increase the likelihood of successfully achieving desired targets.  Most importantly Pete excels in pointing out “blind spots” and bringing on "ah-ha" moments that allows for the development of strategies that actually work.  I would highly recommend Pete for personal coaching in anything from improvements in self confidence, achieving more harmonious relationships, navigating career opportunities, setting and achieving of goals or in general life “tune-ups”, where a sage opinion can help support decisions or point out unconsidered alternatives.

Paul J. Wilson

I am very glad I had the chance to get coaching from Pete. He is very approachable and easy to talk to and build trust.
Pete helped me slow down my thought process and to understand how I make business decisions. Recognize my mental blocks and motivations.
Every session he would help me separate thoughts from emotions to have a realistic view of the situation, like clearing the fog in your mind.
To clearly see the steps that need to be taken for advancing.
I highly recommend his coaching, for entrepreneurs or anyone who is looking for clarity and growth.

Sayan D.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I got from Pete’s coaching sessions. I was struggling with negative thoughts in regards to aging. I felt like my life was about to end and have a very short time to make things happen. I was confused as to what should be the priority in my life and how to get there. I was jumping from one idea to another and wanted to be perfect. Now I've got clarity and a new perspective of life. Pete helped me to gain awareness of my thoughts, intentions and how to control it.

Tannaz T.

Life coaching with Pete is like having the steering wheel to a speed boat thrust into your hands when you’ve been up a creek without a paddle. He helped me find a sense of control in my life.  His coaching was goal oriented and empowering.

Weena S.

When I started my coaching sessions with Pete I was 5 months postpartum. I also was laid off from my work when I was 7 months pregnant due to Covid's hardship. Like many other new mothers, I struggled with the new adjustments. Moreover, my ego was bruised due to being laid off and I blamed myself for being incompetent. I had a lot of anxiety, and I felt insecure. I couldn't focus on getting the task I needed to do to get myself back on the market again. The coaching sessions helped me to learn to deal with my negative thoughts and I learned how to stay more focused and not get distracted.

Guita M.

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