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Under the radar.

Have you ever been told to “stay under the radar”? I have a lot. Are you living under the radar?

Here are all the risks associated with being noticed.

  • People won’t like you

  • You will be targeted

  • You will get fired

  • People will expect more of me

  • You will be alone

What are some of the byproducts of staying under the radar?

  • Avoiding risks

  • The status quo

  • Under-employed

  • Envy of others

  • Perceived safety

  • Pretending

  • People Pleasing

  • Handing over responsibility

  • Being undervalued

  • Unrealized potential

In prehistoric times deviating from the collective or standing out would probably get you killed. Today the only benefit to not standing out is to avoid feeling uncomfortable. The concept of staying under the radar, laying low, and not making waves will essentially keep you from soaring.

What if you don’t want to fly under the radar? What if being noticed and recognized is exactly what you want?

Here is what I think about “being on the radar”.

  • I am being noticed

  • People want what I have to share

  • I’m not afraid

  • I’m too valuable to lose

  • I’m part of a group that values me

  • I create my future

  • I can be myself

Staying under the radar is scarcity, the alternative is abundance.

I choose abundance, how about you?

If you’re tired of staying under the radar, DM me for your 1-on-1 session now.

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