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The myth of the self-made man

Can you picture it, the titan of industry who came from nothing, less than nothing. He was an orphan growing up on the mean streets of the big city, no one to look out for him, no one to give him anything. This man scraped and clawed and pulled himself to the pinnacle of success with nothing but his smarts, his grit and a bit of luck.

This scenario is total bullshit.

All of us came from somewhere, I am the son of immigrants. My parents' story is inspirational but they didn’t do it alone, they had help. Everyone gets help in some form or another. But we are raised idolizing and glorifying the idea of doing everything ourselves to achieve greatness.

How’s that working out for you? Don’t get me wrong, I believe 100% that you are in complete control of what you do and how you do it. But you will never achieve your version of success without help. Think of anything you’ve done in your life that you are proud of, and can you name the people that helped you get there? A teacher, a parent, a friend, or someone else?

As an adult who do you lean on now? How do you achieve the next thing all alone? Why would you want to?

What if you could work with someone to define one thing you want to improve in your life and see it through. You will be amazed at how easy and fun it can be to work with someone to achieve your goal. Someone who is trained not to come with their own agenda, someone who can see past your implicit bias and blind spots, someone who is just there to help you.

What is your dream goal? Do you even believe its a possible? Do you need help?

If so I am currently taking new clients for my one-on-one coaching. Reach out to me for a quick chat to figure out what you want and how I can get you there.

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