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So What Do You Do?

How many of you guys dread the question “So what do you do?”.

I used to.

When I left my high paying engineering job due to burnout I spent the next few years struggling to find my identity away from my old title and status. I would feel defensive and sensitive around people who were more successful than me, or I would feel the need to overcompensate. Brag about how great a husband I was (I wasn’t), how great a dad I was (I wasn’t) and how the money and status didn’t matter (it did).

It mattered to me what I thought they thought about me.

I would avoid going to events where I may feel embarrassed.

The reality is that most people rarely think about anyone else's shit.

Most people are dealing with their own problems, their own insecurities. They are NOT thinking about yours.

Being insecure is a part of life, it's ingrained in our DNA. If we aren’t seen as “valuable” the tribe will kick us out. But in today’s world we provide value in so many different ways.

We’re not hunting wild boars or fighting off legions of invaders. We are going to work, taking our kids to soccer practice, and listening to our wives complain about their day.

In fact we have no tribe anymore, other than the one that we create. So why try so hard to impress someone who’s tribe you don’t want to be a part of?

If you value your time spent with your kids, vs earning more money why be ashamed of it.

You can be proud of your choices, you can show up confident in any situation.

If you need help feeling more confident and in control of your life my program is tailored for you! Contact me here to find out more.

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