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Lessons I’ve learned from quitting

What lesson did I learn from quitting? It's easy, and temporary. The honeymoon phase at a job can go from 1 weeks to 5yrs but typically at around the 2yr mark things start to get stale. It could be that you’ve been through a few rotations, the money isn’t coming fast and furious, or maybe you just don’t see any way to advance.

So this boredom leads to overthinking. I spent all my time looking at all the things that are wrong with my job. The hours, the commute, the boss, my coworkers, the demands, the office or lack of one. I fixated on these things, resentment built at having to even be there.

My Sunday nights became torture, I stressed about going to work, worried about the quality of my work, secretly wished they’d fire you. Does this sound at all familiar?

If you are like me you are on the path to burnout, not from working but from overthinking. It’s what we are making the job mean. The job becomes the root of all our problems and if that changes everything will be fixed.

At this point it's hard to separate what the problem is. Is it you or is it your job?

Let me offer up an action plan.

List out all the skills you have and all the things you desire to accomplish. What is it you really want?

Question #1 - Why am I at this job in the first place?

For most people it's because of the money. If that’s you I have a pithy solution to your problem, spend less and get a different job you may like.

Question #2 - What are the aspects of your job that you enjoy?

Question #3 - What are all the things you hate about your job?

You may find out that there are opportunities within your current organization or maybe you need to move on to grow. You can’t do that in your current state of mind. Armed with a plan and true clarity of what you want will help make this decision easier. Make your change for the right reasons, not just to escape yourself.

If you’re having trouble with your next step, reach out to me for a consultation call, you’ll be amazed at what we can do in one session.

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