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How much money do you want to make?

This is a trick question, because most people currently aren’t making anywhere close to the amount of money they want to make but when you ask someone for the number that would cover all of their wants and desires they most likely will stare back at you with no answer.

So here is the exercise you’ve been looking for.

Right down 100 things that you truly want. It can be any and all things a beautiful house, 6-pack abs, a membership at the local gym, a spouse, kids, your health,

Now figure out how much money you actually need to get these things. For you it may be $5,000 per month, or $30,000 per month. Once you know your target amount it's easier to see if you can get there. If you currently make $5,000/month and your desires will cost you $25,000/month you either need to desire less or make more money.

Now here’s the dilemma: Most of us are working at a job we hate for the money. So the idea of doing more of something we hate to make more money for the things we want makes us want to throw up.

But what you really want is to be making the same money or more doing something that you want to be doing and the solution is actually pretty simple.

If you want to make money doing what you love, the solution is to do the things you love doing that will actually create something of value. And this could be anything that plays to your strengths.

If you are now thinking to yourself “well I’m not good at anything” you should refer back to my earlier advice and stop wanting shit you can’t afford and get back to your day job.

But if this statement kind of pisses you off a bit, good, it was meant to. Take some time off of Facebook, IG, tiktok, Netflix, and figure out what you are good at. Now take all that free time you saved from ditching the distractions to see if the things you are good at can make you any money. If you’re good at cooking, sell some food, if you like cars, fix up a vintage mustang and sell it, if you are good at video games record yourself playing Minecraft and upload it to YouTube.

Today there are options for any skill set, we are just programmed to bitch and complain and expect our jobs to make us happy. When you stop consuming and start creating you will find that you are happy doing everything and when your value exceeds your cost you will be able to leave your day job and do what you want.

Leave a comment below, or better yet don’t and get to work on figuring out what you're good at.

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