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The Power of Distractions

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

You know the drill, there is something you need to get done, or something you've planned on doing and something just comes up and before you know it you're watching TV, scanning Instagram, playing CandyCrush, or crushing a bag of chips. Maybe all of the above?

Why are distractions preferable to completing what we want to do? Some of those thoughts are:

"I'll get to it later"

"I'm too tired to do that now"

"Just one more show"

What happens to me after I let those thoughts in usually comes the judgement and critism thoughts:

"I always do this to myself"

"There's not enough time"

"I'm too busy"

These distractions are the Number 1 reason we don't achieve our goals. We've given these distractions the power to change our life. But what we're getting is the life we have not the life we want. Short term gain for long term pain.

How do we stop this cycle? The answer is simple, the execution is not.

Have you ever asked yourself why you prefer the distraction? I do all the time, its because its easier to do nothing. We don't want to exert any effort to change. Change is hard, distractions are easy.

So what do we do about it? The first step is awareness, identify when you are distracting yourself. Step number two is to ask yourself what you're thinking

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