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What's so good about the Good Ol' Days?

Why were the good old days so good?

Today can be so complicated, stressful, and unsatisfying.

But when we think back in time we love to remember riding our bikes without helmets, our first kiss, and bench seats in the Impala.

We always fail to remember the fact we almost split our heads open in a crash, the hurt of that first breakup and the fact that that damn Impala was so heavy to push out of the snow.

Our brains love to pick and choose what we remember. When we want we can bring up all the good things, and omit the bad.

When we look at our lives today the pain points are real, and we focus on getting out of that situation as fast as we can.

We rarely tend to focus on any of the good things.

Why wait until 20 years from now to enjoy these moments?

What are you going to miss today thinking about yesterday?

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