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The SUPERDAD Manifesto

What is a SUPERDAD?

First off he’s a dad.

He would give anything for his kids, his partner, his family, and his friends.

He creates a safe place for the ones he loves.

He’s intentional and knows what his priorities are.

He has time for the things that truly matter to him.

He’s the master of his own mind.

He brings a calm stability and confidence to everything he does.

He’s reliable, vulnerable, and strives to be better every single day.

He’s NOT PERFECT and he’s not a victim.

He doesn’t have all the answers but takes full responsibility for all his choices.

When he stumbles he’s not afraid of people watching because they will also see him get back up.

He’s not afraid to look silly, if it puts a smile on his daughter’s face.

He’s not afraid to cry, if it teaches his son how to feel.

He will tell his wife he loves her because he does, unconditionally.

He is grateful for his past but does not live there.

He is excited for his future and not afraid of it.

He lives in the present.

A SUPERDAD is within you.

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