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Time for a challenge?

If you’re dreading waking up every day, here’s why & how to fix it

In every man's life we reach a point where we’ve plateaued. It can be our careers, our physique, or our relationships.

The worst part of this is that it's a slow creep and it develops over time.

This is how it showed up in my life: * My boss is an idiot. * My wife doesn't do as much as me. * I create so much value and not getting anything in return. * I don't enjoy anything anymore.

These thoughts, and they are just thoughts, are symptoms of the problem.

The problem is that in life there are times where we stop growing. We have gotten into a routine, and we have gotten comfortable. Most people dream of hitting this place, but you are different.

If you are feeling unfulfilled it's because you need a new teacher to show you how to regain your passion for life.

Our brains are always looking for problems to solve (it’s just how we’re wired)

If you aren't challenging yourself and growing, your brain will start to see the "problems" that exist in your life (rather than solutions).

You'll notice the trend begins by looking at how all the external factors in your life are the problem.

I recommend that you stop trying to "fix" all the "things" and try something new. But what, you say?

You’re probably unsure of where to start.

Look around for people who inspire you, they don’t have to be in person, they don’t even have to be alive. Learn something new, try a new sport, get out of your comfort zone.

If you’re feeling stuck, bored or frustrated then it is time to become a student again and get a new perspective on life

If you can’t, let me help -- Comment “ change” below so I can send you over my 4 step guide to change so we can talk about what’s going on, on a deeper level.

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