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Do you reek of desperation?

There is a stink to desperation

You know exactly what I’m talking about. It's the creepy guy who’s wearing way too much cologne with the gaudy print shirt in the tacky convertible. Thirsty people everywhere are trying so hard to get noticed and looking for validation. They want their problem solved, now.

Desperation is not the same as determination.

The energy is different. Desperate people are frantic, and have that crazy eye thing going on. The other person is resolved, nervous, but not frozen, this person takes action and is deliberate in their choices.

Think about a time when you have felt determined. What were you thinking at that moment? I know when I started coaching I was excited, nervous and ready to do all the things I needed to do to become a coach. There was a slow and steady burn that drove me every day, every week, every month.

In comparison, whenever I am desperate to be done with something, I always rush. My energy is manic, I’m all over the place, I’m scrambling to get to the end as quickly as possible. I have the belief that once I finish this all will be better.

My wife and I desperately searched for dental offices to purchase because we thought once we had one in our possession we would be successful. WRONG!

I’ve taken jobs out of desperation only to find myself miserable 6 months later.

I’ve dated people out of desperation not to be alone and as you can guess how those ended. Nothing good that you create in life comes out of desperation.

It usually comes from hard work, dedication and resolve. Think about all the good things you’ve created in life, you put your energy into it, it was something you wanted and you were willing to work hard for it.

Think about this next time you are faced with a decision. Are you making this decision out of desperation? Or are you feeling resolved and ready?

If you are desperate, people will smell it from a mile away and they will run, trust.

If you feel like you’re starting to stink but have no way to fix it, give me a shout. In one mini session I can have you smelling like a bouquet of confidence.

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