Are you a 40 year old professional who wants something different? 

Does it feel like you are just spinning your wheels and are looking for a way out.  If that sounds like you then this is the workshop you've been looking for.

The secret to transitioning from where you are now to where you want to be is learning the one thing I will teach in my class.

Its something that you've had all along but its in your blind spot, and there are factors working against you.  Its kindve like looking at a 3D painting you can't see anything until you do and then it can't be unseen.

This course is designed to help you crystalize what you are looking for and put on the path to achieving it.

The 3 things you will learn in the workshop are:

  1. Why you are stuck

  2. What's keeping you there

  3. How to get out of it

If you are truly looking to reinvent yourself and create the life you want then sign up now for my workshop. 


Change in life can be hard and we can make it harder or easier depending on the choices we are willing to make and being prepared enough to make them.

Get out of your rut


About me

I'm Pete Beskas and I'm a certified life coach who has been where you are.  I worked for over 20 years as an engineer and left my job, career, and identity to pursue a new version of myself, a better version of myself.  Its my mission to help other professionals transition from where they are now to where they want to go and do it with less pain and in less time than it took me.

Take this is the fist step with me to learn how to change for the better. 

Enjoy the time you're given to create a life of your choosing.

Sign up now for instant access to my workshop

I hope you enjoy the class!

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Here's what people are saying about working with me


 I would highly recommend Pete for personal coaching in anything from improvements in self confidence, achieving more harmonious relationships, navigating career opportunities, setting and achieving of goals or in general life “tune-ups”, where a sage opinion can help support decisions or point out unconsidered alternatives.

Paul J. Wilson

I am very glad I had the chance to get coaching from Pete. He is very approachable and easy to talk to and build trust.
Pete helped me slow down my thought process and to understand how I make decisions. Recognize my mental blocks and motivations.
Every session he would help me separate thoughts from emotions to have a realistic view of the situation, like clearing the fog in your mind.
To clearly see the steps that need to be taken for advancing.
I highly recommend his coaching, for anyone who is looking for clarity and growth.

Sayan Dehgan